PALS Recertification Online

Accepted Nationwide

  • Comprehensive Online PALS Training (no manual required)
  • 100% Online Recertification Exam (with instant score reveal)
  • Unlimited PALS Practice Exams (a new, unique test every time)
  • Unlimited Exam Retakes (free until a passing grade is achieved)
  • Instant Certification with a Passing Grade (24/7 certification)
  • Immediate PDF Printable Card (provided to you via email)
  • 4 Continuing Education Credits (valuable for many career paths)

Earn Your PALS Provider Card Online

We offer fast, easy 100% online PALS recertification courses so you can recertify without hassle. PALS certification or recertification is becoming a common requirement for many health professionals, but recertifying in a classroom can be unnecessarily complicated. Our online PALS recertification course gives you the convenience of studying for and taking your exam anywhere, anytime. No on-site clinical skills test is required by us.

PALS Certified Medical Experts Course Creation

Our PALS certification renewal course was developed by certified medical professionals. We can vouch for its accuracy and quality, as our online PALS course is comprehensive and in line with industry guidelines. We cover every topic that would be expected in a classroom based PALS course, but are far costly and far more convenient.

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Access the Course and Exams 24/7

You can refresh your PALS knowledge using the online PALS provider manual, the practice your knowledge by taking unlimited, unique pretests to prepare for the final exam. Since there is no time limit, you can finish the exam at your own convenience and speed. Prefer to print it out, fill it in at your leisure, and input the answers later? No problem. Our accelerated PALS recertification exam usually takes only 1-2 hours to study for and complete.

Instant PALS Card Delivery

We will immediately send you an email with your printable PALS card when you successfully pass the PALS exam. This means you’ll be able to prove your certification immediately.