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100% Online Certification and Training Now Available!

You can now access all training materias for ACLS, PALS, BLS, and NRP certification and renewal at no cost through the Health Ed Solutions platform. You will only be charged once you register to take the 100% final exam and earn your provider card. This means no physical textbooks or training manuals to purchase, and no need to travel to a central location to take your final exam.

You can work offline at any time by simply printing out the study guide, watching our complete library of training videos, or work offline or online on the mobile or desktop device of your choice. When you achieve a passing grade, a digital card proving your certification (with your name, the date the certification was earned, the date the certification will expire, and your instructors name/signature) will be delivered to you so you can print it out immediately.

Fast, Convenient, 100% Online Training

This 24/7 online certification course is readily completed at your own pace with a convenient, free digital provider card made instantly available via email delivery as soon as you pass the exam. It’s a simple, easy to complete, 3 step process: study, pass the test, receive your card.

Flexible Scheduling for Convenience

In-classroom courses can take days to complete and involve scheduling and travel. With our online certification course, you can study when it is convenient to you, and take the exam whenever you feel ready. There are no designated classroom hours or assignment due dates. Just choose when and how you study, practice your knowledge on repeatable tests, and get immediate confirmation of your certification status once you successfully complete the final exam.

Unlimited Access and Study Time   

You’ll have immediate, round the clock access to all study materials for as long as you need them. After you complete your training on your own schedule, you can take unlimited practice exams until you feel ready to attempt the final test. Each practice test is created by a randomizer -meaning we have unlimited unique variations for you to work with.

Unlimited, Unique Practice Tests

You can study and practice on your own schedule, cycling through all of the potential questions that may be on the final exam.  Each practice test will make sure to cover all of the same topics that will appear on the actual final exam, and you can test and retest until you feel 100% confident in your ability to achieve a passing grade. 

Unlimited Final Exam Retakes

Our 100% online courses were specifically developed to ensure you have a full understanding of the topics covered. You can take the final exam, and retake it if necessary until you achieve a passing grade. Any wrong answers will be revealed to you along with your score, allowing you to identify weak spots in your understanding and locate the specific part of the study guide or video lessons that can help you improve.

No Time Restrictions

When you take your practice tests and your final exam, there is no time limit. That’s right - our training comes without any constraints or time limits for completion, making it easy for those who need extra time, feel test anxiety, or have to cram in testing around other tasks to complete.  You’ll be able to see your test score as soon as you finish the exam, so no more stressful waiting for a score.

Clinical Skills Check not Required by our Course

All of our courses are offered 100% online, so you can become certified without an in-person clinical skills check. We have an entire suite of online training videos that cover clinical skills scenarios and assessments. This video training is used in lieu of the typical hands on return demonstrations that in-person training requires. However, we do recognize that sometimes an employer or prospective employer may prefer that you complete on an on-site skills check. If this is the case, we are ready and willing to provide you with a skills verification form to be filled out and verified by your local testing center or clinician to prove you have completed this additional requirement. We’ll also provide a referral to the closest location available for skills testing at no additional cost.

Free Certification Card Available Immediately

After passing your final exam, you can access and print out your digital card immediately. As a courtesy, we also provide a hard copy of the certification card which will be mailed to you free of charge (shipping will normally take 7-10 days, and we can make priority shipping available for a small fee.) Your official card will have the course instructor’s name and medical license number as well as your name, the certification completion date, and the certification expiration date (normally 2 years from date of completion.) 

Customer Reviews

We want every user to be fully satisfied with the Health Ed Solutions training platform. Visit our testimonials page to read live customer reviews. We have been helping literally thousands of medical providers and laypersons to achieve ACLS, PALS, NRP, and BLS certification online each month, and we welcome your feedback.

Ongoing Access

All purchases allow indefinite access to trianing materials. You have unlimited access to all materials and practice tests and final exams until a passing grade is achieved, and you have the option to retain access to our videos, practice exams, and algorithms for future reference.

Payment Options that are Safe and Secure

We accept the following payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover card. You may sign up and begin studying at any time, 24/7/365. Our online ACLS certification website is protected by VeriSign security to keep your login details safe. Your personal and billing information are protected by both VeriSign and TRUSTe privacy services.

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