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YES IT IS - Our certification courses cover everything you need to know in order to pass the final exams and earn your initial certification with ease!

BOTH - All of our programs are tailored for health care professionals, but can also be taken by laypersons.

NO - None of our courses have a time limit, so you can study and take your exam without stress or anxiety. You even get unlimited practice exams, and free retests until you pass.

IT’S FREE - Your emailed card is free, with no cost to access it.

2 YEARS - Your certification will remain active for 2 years from the day you earned it. Your card will list your certification and expiration date. Recertification gives you a new 2-year date.

PASSING GRADE IS 80% - You’ll need a grade of 80% or higher to pass your ACLS, PALS, BLS, or NRP final exam and earn your certification.

TAKE IT AGAIN FOR FREE - You can make unlimited attempts at the final exam until you pass. There are no extra fees for retaking the exam.

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Health Education Solutions was set up to make earning certification and recertification in each life-saving specialty affordable, accessible, and extremely easy to achieve. We offer complete courses which are available 100% online for certification and recertification in ACLS, PALS, BLS, and NRP.

Our easy to use system provides comprehensive training, and you’ll always be able to receive your proof of certification or recertification immediately after passing the exam, with our 24/7, instant free certification option.

There never any no hidden fees or costs, and you won’t have to wait for your card. If your employer or prospective employer requires a skills assessment, we can even provide you with the correct forms and a referral to a clinic close to you.

Each of courses has been developed by licensed U.S. medical experts, and every one of our certifications are accepted both nationally and internationally. Our rigorously vetted online study guides and practice exams meet the latest AHA and ECC guidelines.

Online ACLS Certification and Recertification

You can obtain your ACLS certification or recertification online by completing our 100% online course. The study guide can be printed out if desired, and covers the 10 core cases of the ACLS provider manual so succinctly you can complete it at an accelerated pace.  You’ll immediately be able to access all of the materials as soon as you make your purchase, and you can begin studying immediately.

Online PALS Certification and Recertification

Our online PALS certification course was developed according to the current AHA PALS Guidelines. You can download and / or print out a PDF version of this material for offline study; the automated system allows you to study at your own pace, and many users complete the course study in 60 minutes or less. Once you've achieved mastery of each section, you can quickly complete the exam to receive your certification card instantly.

Online BLS Certification and Recertification

Our BLS online certification course offered online is also automated, so you can gain comprehensive mastery of each concept while studying during hours convenient to you. As soon as you feel prepared, you can take the final exam at any hour of the day or night, and again you will receive your card as soon as you pass the exam.

Online NRP Certification and Recertification

Our online NRP certification course was carefully constructed based on current ECC guidelines provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). This course teaches how to manage and respond to cardiopulmonary emergencies in order to improve neo-natal outcomes. By completing your NRP certification online, you can cut the number of hours that would be devoted in a classroom by half or more, and do it at your own speed as your schedule allows. Many students can complete the course in just a few hours.

Get Certified Online 24/7

Have school or work? You can study, use the practice tests, and take the final exam any hour of the day or night. Your answer will be instantly graded and your score revealed. An 80 percent score or higher is required to pass the exam, and – once a passing grade is achieved -  your printable certification card will be made available to you via email – no waiting period. A free hard copy will also be put in the mail.

Professionally Prepared Online Courses

Our courses online are carefully created by real medical experts to ensure their accuracy and quality. The entire program of each course is accredited by a certified medical professional so you can have confidence that the information is accurate. Our courses even qualify you for continuing education credits (8 for initial certification, and 4 for each recertification.)

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