Employment Outlook, Education and ACLS Certification: New York Requirements for First Responders

Posted On: 7/25/2012 | By: Terri McKinney

Emergency care can be a rewarding career in which the dull moment is a rarity and you have plenty of interaction with people. It’s also a career in which you’ll likely be tapped to save a life. As a first responder, you’ll often be the first person with a medical background to an emergency. On scene, you’ll be required to make decisions on the fly and be an effective member of a life-saving team.

If this sounds like the career for you, you may want to consider becoming a paramedic. In New York, you must first meet these three requirements:(1)

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Have a high school diploma or GED.
  3. Have a current driver’s license for the state in which you’d like to be employed.

Employment Outlook
In New York, employment opportunities for first responders, EMTs, certified first responders and paramedics are expected to grow just as quickly as the average for all occupations with very favorable employment prospects. Annually, New York has an average of 350 annual job openings for emergency technicians and paramedics,(2) and by 2018, the number of first responder jobs will increase by 5.3 percent.(3)

Although the job outlook is promising, it’s important to stay informed about what additional courses, such as ACLS certification, NY employers find most useful for new – or soon-to-be – hires.

First Responder Training, Education and ACLS Certification: New York 
First responder training is offered at progressive levels starting with EMT-Basic; moving through EMT-Intermediate; and ending with Paramedic. EMT-Basic coursework focuses on honing emergency skills and patient assessment. As expected, EMT-Intermediate coursework is more in-depth and specific training requirements vary by state. The focus of this training is on advanced skills, airway devices and IVs. Paramedic training, the most advanced level, involves training in anatomy, physiology and advanced medical skills.

Proper certifications are an important part of any medical professional’s training. For first responders, the most relevant certification is advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification – New York and other states often require this training of first responders. ACLS certification not only makes you more marketable to potential employers, but also increases your knowledge base and makes you a more confident first responder.

Remember, a certification does you no good if it’s not kept up to date. For first responders with a busy schedule, there are online options for ACLS recertification. New York, Arizona or Tennessee, it doesn’t matter where you work, you can easily recertify in your own time and at your own pace. For ACLS recertification, NY first responders may want to consider an online course.

Health Education Solutions, the leading online provider of continuing healthcare education, offers ACLS certification onlineACLS recertification online, as well as BLS and PALS certification and recertification, and CPR and AED training.

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